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Terry Lazarou
My friends:

December 22, 2015 Update.
We did it! Thank you to all that supported this great charity and encouraged me! We smashed the $500 Goal amount and purchased eight bikes!
I pedaled for 193km over 10 hours and 36 minutes watching 10 Sufferfest videos and burning 4,773 calories. See the numbers here.
This is a Garmin Link.

December 18 update.

After fighting a bacteriological infection, and a broken molar,  I have managed to get myself ready to attempt this challenge again. One day later than originally planned. 

On December 20, 2015, I will be attempting to complete a Sufferlandrian Knighthood, that is, I will be riding my bike indoors on a trainer for 11 hours.

Why? This is one of those challenges that I've wanted to tackle for some time. And, unlike Ironman or marathons that I have previously completed, it is something I can do in my very own basement, or paincave, as I call it.

Everyone who completes this challenge earns the right to be called a Knight of Sufferlandria. Knighthood consists of riding 10 of the most demanding and challenging indoor cycling training videos ever created. Several people that I have met (virtually) from around the world whom I respect and appreciate have completed this challenge and it would be an honour to follow in their slipstream. 

Complete details of Knighthood and The Sufferfest are here. http://thesufferfest.com/pages/knights-of-sufferlandria

What will I be doing? I'll be sitting on my bike, peddling like a man on fire, watching The Sufferfest videos that will be directing me on how much I should be suffering. After each video, I will have the opportunity to rest for 10 minutes. Then I will begin with the next video.  The duration of each video varies from 45 minutes to one hour.

What videos will I be doing? Here is a picture. It is basically a bunch of intervals. Very, very hard intervals. Lots of pain and suffering. I can't wait.

Part of the Knighthood is devoted to raising money for worthy causes. One that I am impressed with and that I believe needs your support is World Bicycle Relief, an organization providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles, 

The money raised through my fundraiser helps to provide specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa; connecting them with education, healthcare and economic opportunities.

World Bicycle Relief is currently working to provide 50,000 bicycles to students (70% girls), teachers and educational workers in rural Zambia and Zimbabwe. For $147, we can provide a World Bicycle Relief bicycle to a student in need. Every donation helps.

I can afford a bicycle. Since my early youth, bikes have given me countless hours of pleasure, entertainment and transportation utility. My challenge with World Bicycle Relief is to afford the gift of the bicycle to others.

I welcome your moral support and World Bicycle Relief welcomes any support you can give to help those in need to help themselves.

Thanks in advance for your support and encouragement. How hard can this be, it's like riding a bike.

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