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Dan Ahn
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In 8th grade, I had a dream - that one day I would bike across the US. 

Now, 11 years later, that dream is finally coming true.


8th grade yearbook 

In April, I’ll be starting my bike ride across the U.S. in Virginia, on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. It will take me 4,228 miles through the heart of America, into several national parks, and past historic landmarks until I reach the finish line in Oregon

None of this would have been possible if I had not been blessed with the educational and economic opportunities available to me, growing up in the US. 

Now, I am partnering with World Bicycle Relief to provide those opportunities to other people.

I'm inviting you to join me. 

My mission is to raise $50,000 to help 340 people through the power of bicycles. I’ve personally donated 11% of my money, $1,617, to change the lives of 11 people.  

World Bicycle Relief is an organization that provides specially designed bicycles, called Buffalo Bicycles, to students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs in Africa; connecting them with education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

Here are 3 stories of how World Bicycle Relief is changing lives:

Dilshani was a student at risk of not finishing school. After receiving her Buffalo bicycle, Dilshani was able to continue her studies to become a midwife. A bicycle was the difference between higher education and dropping out.test%2F1517004626312-dilshani.jpg

Royce was a healthcare worker who walked for miles to reach her sick patients. In 2008, she received a Buffalo Bicycle which significantly cut down her travel time. A bicycle was the difference between seeing 18 patients a day and 4 patients a day. 

test%2F1517004614247-Screen+Shot+2018-01-26+at+5.01.55+PM.pngDixon was an entrepreneur who relied on bicycles to keep his businesses alive. His Buffalo Bicycle was the only local bicycle designed to withstand the rough terrain and help him reliably transport his goods. A bicycle was the difference between growing his business and losing his business. 


A bicycle is the difference between opportunity and poverty. 

A bicycle is the difference you can make.

For $147, World Bicycle Relief provides a bicycle to someone in need. Whether it’s $1, $5, $20, or $147, your contribution matters. Every dollar counts.

Join me and donate today. Together, we can all make a difference. 

Dan Ahn


You can follow my bike ride across the US on Instagram @dantahn or by subscribing to readahn.com. Fundraising updates will regularly be posted to this page. 

E-mail me about anything at dahnon@gmail.com

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