of $14,700 Raised
Levi and Emily RideBiker Alliance

Huge thank you to all of our donors, particularly those who helped me pay for our custom jerseys: 

-Ellen Tomsic Physical Therapy

-Zia Taqueria

-Susan Schaldach with Academic Insights 

-Fred Schaldach

-Jim and Lori Carvers from Carver's Brewing Co

-Sarah Sumner with Fusion Interiors 

-Sarah Wright

-Kelly Rubin and Dylan Brown

And thank you to our raffle/food donors:

-Jennifer Floyd with Cartwheel Clothing

-Julbo Eyewear

-Bread Bakery

NFTF - Never Forget the Feeling! 

It was a slogan written on our Devo jerseys when we first started our racing careers as juniors with Durango Devo. Today, the feeling of freedom, community, and support we found (and still find) on our bikes is something that defines who we are today.

Now, with the support of a professional mountain bike team, along with dedicated and community oriented local sponsors like you, we feel it is our turn to start giving back to the world of bicycles that has given us so much. We can do this by doing our part to ensure that no one grows up bike-less. Be part of a community that not only inspires involvement in a sustainable, lifelong community of  cycling, but also provides the means with which to do so
by donating bikes to those who can’t afford them, both here in the Durango community, as well as abroad.

Make a direct donation here, or visit this 
LINK to purchase RideBiker gear and apparel - the very same that we train and race in. The profits go directly towards giving back to the cycling community. 

Please visit http://emilyschaldach.weebly.com/bike-blog for tons more information about why we fell in love with the mission of this program  and why we are committed to raising money for 100 bikes!

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