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Totally Tandem
G'day to you all!

As you know, Bremma are currently on their TotallyTandem Biking Adventure from Canada to Chile. Come ride with us at Totally Tandem!

It's something we are really excited about and an idea that was born from our love of adventure and our passion for travel. We have travelled a lot over the last decade and have been brainstorming ways to get more adventure out of this travel malarkey. How about cycling through 18 or so countries on a tandem bike together? Brilliant! And so, Totally Tandem was born.

In planning this epic trip, we have thought about ways we can make a difference to the world. It's all very well and good to have a grand ole time on a bicycle built for two, but wouldn't it be great if others could benefit from our crazy escapades too?

Everyone seems to be representing one charity or another and we have heard a lot of stories of how original ideas to fund raise for reputable charities can sometimes have an alternative  impact your personal mission and overpower your original goals. There was much Bremma discussion about how we could include charity work as part of our ride in a way that would be strictly positive, and even help us to focus further on achieving our goals.

That's when we discovered World Bicycle Relief.
It's easy to find a charity that is true to your heart. All charities support excellent causes, of course. But society is so saturated with good causes and fund raising, its easy to become overwhelmed by the needs out there and the feelings of inability to make a difference. We have chosen World Bicycle Relief because we appreciate their mission. From our own travels in rural Africa, we believe in what they are doing and admire the simplicity of their mission that will make a difference to so many people. Their goals are attainable, their admin transparent and it is easy to see where every dollar you raise goes.
Every dollar we raise will help to provide specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa; connecting them with education, healthcare and economic opportunities.

For every $134 recieved, we will be supplying one bicycle that will provide transport, hope and opportunity to one family. The idea behind it is that a bicycle can reduce the distance from school, work and essential supplies. Thus promoting individual empowerment and education.

Our overall TotallyTandem goal is provide 100 bicycles. That means we will need to raise $13,400. If we plan on riding 20,000kms, it works out to be $1.50 per km we ride. And we reckon that everyone could support a kilometer or 2! When you look at it like that, its pretty easy to make a real difference right?

We hope you will help us to support World Bicycle Relief, an organization providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles, with a personal fundraiser.
Thanks for your support!

What are you waiting for? Lets get rolling!

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