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Indy-Chicago 2018

Mission Accomplished!!

The 2018 WBR ride to Chicago and beyond is complete!  Starting from Indianapolis early Friday morning (June 22), 50 hours of ride time and 687 miles later, I arrived in Mackinaw City, Michigan about 20 minutes before midnight the following Sunday. 

While not as captivating as the classic American endurance ride across the US, this year’s ride was far more challenging.  2 of my co-workers- Adam and Todd- joined up for the first part of Day 1.  It was a great time, talking bikes and work (occasionally) for a few hours.  I lucked out as storms cleared, and another co-worker Jeff, a SRAM VP, rode out to the Illinois state line to pull me into Chicago.  After 200 miles and with 35 yet to go, I gladly drafted off Jeff at every opportunity. His parting words as he peeled off at Navy Pier were wise- “don’t forget to look around”.  Soloing for Days 2 and 3 through northern Illinois, skirting Milwaukee, rural Wisconsin, Green Bay, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was long. Views of the rolling farm country and Lake Michigan held my interest as I rode, taking occasional short breaks to stretch, but Sunday evening I found myself on the verge of bonking….with over 70 miles yet to go.  Somehow I pedaled on, probably going well beyond any level of fatigue I’ve ever felt. About 25 miles from the finish, encountering a meandering detour was the last thing I wanted to see, but choosing the weekend nearest to the summer solstice paid dividends, as I didn’t need headlights until nearly 10pm.  Finally the lights of the famous Mackinac Bridge came into view, invigorating me for the last few miles.  I rode up to the bridge, and paid $5 to get driven across (the only option for cyclists on a busy interstate with no shoulder). Mission accomplished! I could barely stand Monday morning, but worked out the kinks with a 142 mile “recovery ride” through scenic northwestern Michigan to get picked up by my wife Alisa after the long WBR ride (2 years running- how thankful I am for her!) Monday’s ride made for a 4 day total of 830 miles in just over 80 hours.

Years ago, I picked World Bicycle Relief as the perfect mix of a cause that truly impacts people and integrates my #1 personal interest.  I continue to share the story of this ride and how a simple $147 bicycle changes lives.  Knowing that every dollar raised and every bike makes a difference (3-5 lives are impacted!) helped me to overcome the long hours of fatigue on the bike. Perhaps you feel similar, overwhelmed with the many worthy causes that call for our attention and resources, but aren’t sure you can help. If this story and ride has inspired you- would you consider a donation to the 2018 WBR endurance ride?

Thanks for everyone’s interest, encouragement, and enthusiasm!




2018 Indy-Chicago WBR Ride

What is it?

A bike ride from Indianapolis to Chicago- and continuing to Mackinac Island, Michigan if desired- challenging ourselves while helping others through The Power of Bicycles.


Participants are asked to set a personal fundraising goal of 10 Buffalo Bicycles ($147 each).  In order to participate in the event, please make a minimum donation of at least 1 Buffalo bike.  Instead of a formal ride registration, to indicate your intent to participate, we are asking that you make a one bike donation- either here on the 2018 fundraising page or on your individual fundraising page.  This donation could be your own, or from supporters such as friends & family.   


Weekend of June 23-24, 2018


Indy to Chicago (meet up points TBD- this map starts from Monon Trailhead at 96th St.): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26115255

Chicago to Mackinac Island: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/25836160

Ride options:

Semi-Adventurous:  partial distance Indy to Chicago

Adventurous: Indy to Chicago, 1 day (approximately 210 miles)

Crazy Adventurous: Indy to Chicago in 1 day, then continue to Mackinac Island, Michigan in 2 additional days (total approximately 700 miles)

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